Vapors Go Boom

I couldn’t help myself when the article popped up on my Flipboard this morning.

Father loses seven teeth and suffers severe burns after vape pen explodes in his face

Whoever the moron was that thought it would be a good idea to place a cheap electronic device in your mouth as it atomizes a poisonous substance with electricity you can inhale it really should have been shot in the first place. I mean think about it.  Don’t most parents teach their kids to NOT put electronic devices in their mouth?

Vaping annoys me for other reasons.  One, we know that smoking is bad (even though we’ve nearly all done it at least once), but even that knowledge too hundreds of years for us to figure out.  Vaping is younger than I am, who knows what long term effects it and it’s off-gassing will cause!  There’s just no way of knowing what will happen in 30 years because we haven’t seen it in use that long.

And why is it ok to Vape in public when we have banned smoking?  You see it everywhere, restaurants, malls, concerts, CHURCH!  That one really chaps my hide.  Isn’t vaping in a church like saying, “God you are great and all but I just need a little more than you can give to make it through this sermon.”

I know you probably think I’m making a mountain out of a molehill because of one article.  Well google vape explosion and flick through the hits.  My favorite is that the top hit is “8 tips to prevent vape explosions.”  REALLY???? This is so common place that not only does the article need to be written, but it’s SEO’d to the point of being FIRST on the list????

Yes we as humans do many stupid things, my list is probably longer than most of yours, but at least I haven’t tried to make myself or anyone else blowup in at least 8 years!


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