Screaming Obscenities

If you have ever spent more than ten minutes with a toddler, there is a good chance that you know the shrill cry of what my wife and I affectionately call “baby swears.” Generally these come worth every no, bedtime, lighting of a burner to cook dinner,and important phone call. Normally we accept this as part of a child’s growth and development so as annoying as it sometimes is we understand the tantrums and move on.

But what if we reacted to things with the same shrill volume in our adult lives? Can you imagine the noise level at HEB when everyone is throwing a tantrum because they are having to wait in line? Wouldn’t the look on your doctor’s face be worth throwing a for the next time you have to get a shot? Think about the headaches wives would really have if men reacted to a no in bed the same way a two year old does to not getting a snack!

The sad thing about it is that we do throw tantrums almost daily in life.  The difference is sometimes our tantrums cost lives!

The most common one for me is road rage.  Now I’m now a char you down and ram you off the road so i can beat you person, but I do tend to yell and scream and say things I shouldn’t at people who do stupid things on the road.  I don’t view my car as anything but a potential deadly weapon of mass destruction. One of these hunks of metal and plastic in the wrong could kill anyone it hits and we drive them like they are no more harmful than my dogs stuffed ball.

Lately though, we’ve things in the news that make my in-car tyrants look like nothing more than an arm chair quarterback yelling at the TV during the playoffs (another completely insane action by humans in my book.)  We’ve watched as BLM tears apart cities because a black teenager was killed while ignoring the black cop that was killed in an ambush staged by someone seeking a thrill.  We’ve watched democrats go ballistic because Trump won the election.  We’ve seen actors and musicians refuse to take a paying job simply because they don’t agree with one man’s stance. Of course in many of these cases we’ve see the other side scream right back.  Trump bashes people on social media almost daily.  Other actors and musicians bash someone they worked closely with just a few weeks ago because they don’t agree with one another.  Citizens and police act like idiots and profile everyone based on the actions of a few.


As a Christian, it breaks my heart to see the hate that’s filling our world.  It’s coming from an apathetic attitude which is spreading through the church like wildfire these days.  Since the 90’s we have focused more about butts in the seats, the quality of coffee and on-stage productions than we have about the souls won and hearts changed.  No one is shocked to see, well really anything anymore.  When churches have more attending divorce care ministries than they do couple’s counseling problem.  When the nursery is needed more for our youth groups than our young married couples, there’s a problem.  When someone living in open sin is placed in a leadership position as a minister in the church, there is a problem!

We can sit here and discuss where things started to go wrong for eons or we can take action and do something about it.  Churches that are thriving and growing have two things in common.  One, they follow the law laid out in Scripture and two, they love and minister to people. My pastor even days on a regular basis, “If you ever come to church and don’t hear/learn about God ‘s word, call me out on it.” This shouldn’t be a request from one good pastor, it should be expected by all pastors everywhere!

If we as a body of believers don’t dig into the word, study it, and crave it the heel of 2016 will only get worse and I for one will truly start reverting back to screaming and crying because i simply don’t know what else to do. 


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