Paybacks Are Hell

There was a video I shared on Facebook a couple of days ago where after he’d tried to make a dog bark to set of the dog’s shock collar, the dog placed the collar around the guy’s neck and proceeded to bark so that the man would get shocked instead.  It was a humorous look at karma coming back to bite someone in the ass.

The unfortunate truth of the video is that nine times out of ten karma will bite you in the ass.  It is like God says, “Hey stupid,you remember when i said do unto others…yeah i meant that!”

I have to admit i do get a perverse pleasure in seeing karma rolling back around to someone who’s wronged me in some fashion, but i don’t necessarily hope for it…most of the time. 

We live in a time though that what goes around must be better than what came around.  Fighting hate with hate isn’t working. That only gets more people killed. 

And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Matthew 22:39 NIV

What happened to the belief in Matthew 22:39? Has the removal of the bible from schools, a Muslim president and am athestic society really caused even the most devout Christians how to love and respect others?

It seems as though is wet don’t agree with someone and their lifestyle then we have to hate them which is the total opposite of what Jesus wanted and taught during his life here in earth.  Jesus didn’t like our agree with the lifestyle of the woman at the well, but he loved and respected the person enough to minister to her and give her a chance.  He didn’t like tax collectors but he ate dinner with them. 

Loving our neighbors isn’t necessarily being ok with their lifestyle, it’s simply means we live our lives as godly and good as we can so that they see the life Good means for everyone.  

Will we mess up? Yes we will, but it isn’t the mistakes that hurt our witness as much as how we recover from them and own up to those mistakes that defines or witness.  It is how we treat other Christians who mess up that will be the factor that causes someone to decide whether that’s a life they want or not.

So let’s stop the hate and bashing of each other and focus more on winning souls for Christ because I for one am tired of sending people to hell. 


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